Professor Wang Baihua


Prof. Wang Baihua, born in1961, his research interests are fixed machinery for mine and the ventilation testing technology. Since the 1990s, he has been employed by Xu Mining Group as the part time maneger of large equipment testing. He has taken charge of many projects such as equipment performance tests, flaw detection, renovation, ventilation system testing, etc., sponsored by of Xu Mine Group, Tianneng Group, Yangzhou Mining Bureau, Yancheng Bureau, Lianyungang Bureau, Nantong Bureau, and mines of Bangladesh. The research results provide a reliable guarantee for equipment condition adjustment and technical transformation.

Besides, Prof. Wang keeps a good reputation relationship with many companies, providing services for the projects such as Xinhe-260 and Quantai-600 water pump reconstruction, Bupou hoist PLC transformation, Qishan air compressor monitoring system transformation, Zhang Xiaolou fan "surge" and Dongcheng lifting large axis "crack" judgment processing, which are highly appreciated by the enterprises, and promote the combination of industry and research.