Our school participated in the 17th China international industrial expo


The 17th China international industrial expo was held in the national convention and exhibition center (Shanghai) from nov 3 to 7, 2015. The technical transfer center of our school, Kang jianrong, director of the seven people to participate in the industrial fair. The China international industrial expo with "innovation, intelligent and green" as the theme, with CNC machine tools and metal processing, industrial automation, energy saving and new energy automobile, industrial robot exhibition and so on nine big professional exhibition area, more than 2000 exhibitors, the exhibition by a total of 70 colleges and universities, including 22 Jiangsu universities, colleges and universities a total of 652 exhibition projects, including 10 in our school.

Before the expo, our school carefully selected the technology projects to submit to the organizing committee. In June 2015, under the school relevant departments to actively support and technology transfer center meticulously organized a white LED with ceramic phosphor, highly active natto, dual wavelength tunable thulium doped fiber laser, the education service robot, transparent ceramics, fog haze helmets, haze jacket, haze masks, fast, high sensitive biochemical molecule detection chip, with a touch screen portable electroencephalograph, etc. 10 entries.

During the exhibition, the leaders of Shanghai municipal education commission and Jiangsu provincial department of education science and technology development center visited the booth of our school and listened to the project introduction of the staff, and fully affirmed the technical achievements and work of our school. Dozens of enterprises including Shanghai Tianyun Environmental Protection, Jiangsu Mingyu, Wuhan Wall-E, Wuxi Rongcheng Knitting, visited our school's booth. Our university has carried out many times of project docking consultation and scientific and technological cooperation negotiation with enterprises, which has created more cooperation opportunities for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of our university and opened up greater cooperation space for the industrialization of scientific and technological projects of our university.

China international industrial expo since founded in 1999, after 16 years of development and innovation, through the specialization, marketization and internationalization, the brand operation, has become by the international union of exhibition industry (UFI) certification, Chinese equipment manufacturing industry's most influential international exhibition industry brand, is oriented to the our country industry an important window of the world and economic and trade exchanges and cooperation platform.