Our school became a member of Jiangsu province technology transfer alliance


On December 20, our school attended the establishment meeting of "Jiangsu technology transfer alliance" and became the first batch of member units of this alliance.

The newly established Jiangsu technology transfer alliance has 83 member units. The alliance is jointly initiated by Nanjing university, Southeast university, Nanjing university of technology, Suzhou university, provincial productivity promotion center, and Suzhou international technology transfer center, Peking University, etc., with the aim of releasing the advantages of college technology and human resources, improving the overall efficiency of technology transfer and serving the economic and social development of Jiangsu province. Play to the government, institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutions, intermediary institutions and enterprises and so on various aspects of advantages, to speed up the open university institutions innovation resources sharing, exploring technology transfer, complementary advantages, resource sharing, collaborative interaction mechanism of equality and mutual benefit, to set up the technology transfer mode of "high-end, high efficiency", build "one-stop" service platform, technology transfer form a "high radiation" technology transfer service network, to speed up the knowledge flow and technology transfer, makes comprehensive integration and efficient allocation of resources of science and technology, in order to speed up innovation driven development strategy, promote the transformation and upgrading of industry support.