Intellectual property week series 2: our school carries out "4.26" world intellectual property day publicity activities


April 26 is the 16th "world intellectual property day" with the theme of "strengthening the application of intellectual property protection and accelerating the building of a strong country of intellectual property". In order to enhance the scientific and technological innovation ability and level of our university and give play to the important role of intellectual property in scientific and technological innovation and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, our university has organized various forms of intellectual property day publicity activities centering on the theme of world intellectual property day this year.

On April 26th afternoon by technology transfer center, the school organization of the world intellectual property day campaign in fuquan mountain campus, school prominently hanging on campus intellectual property publicity banners, college student association for science and technology students in south gate triangle set up booths, put the world intellectual property day display boards, distribute the manual of intellectual property rights, to the teachers and students to spread knowledge of the world intellectual property day, introduction of patent application and patent approval process, at the same time to show our authorized patent achievements in recent years. Through publicity, the awareness of the teachers and students in our school to respect and protect intellectual property rights has been raised, and the ability to use the intellectual property system to protect their own rights and interests has been enhanced.