Third of the series of activities of intellectual property publicity week: our school holds a special lecture on "patent application and international protection"


On April 29, at 9:00 am, the seminar on "patent application and international protection" organized by the technology transfer center and the department of science and technology was held in conference room 1305, jingyuan building. The main purpose of this lecture is to deepen our school's teachers' understanding of patent application and related knowledge of patent protection, enhance their awareness of intellectual property protection, and improve their ability and level to participate in competition with the intellectual property system.

The keynote speaker zhang lianqun senior engineer is a senior patent agent, former director of the Patent Office of China university of mining and technology. I have been engaged in intellectual property work for nearly 30 years, and have been engaged in patent agency and patent management for a long time. I have rich theoretical knowledge and practical experience in patent application and patent protection.

Zhang lian group of teachers from the basic knowledge of patent, patent application strategy, the patent document retrieval and utilization, patent application, patent mining technical clarificaiton book skill and the international protection of the patent and so on six aspects are expounded, the intellectual property rights at the forefront of the organic combination of theory and realistic problem, rich in content, are very popular with the teachers, the teachers are the PCT application, patent priority questions enthusiastically, teacher zhang answered, the atmosphere is very warm.