Our school launched the “4.26” World Intellectual Property Day publicity campaign


    April 26 is the seventeenth World Intellectual Property Day, the theme of which is Innovation change Life. In order to enhance our school's ability and level of scientific and technological innovation, and to play an important role of intellectual property rights in the transformation of scientific and technological innovations and achievements. Our school has organized a variety of Intellectual Property day promotion activities closely surrounding the theme of this year's World Intellectual Property Day. The activities mainly include two parts: campus publicity and intellectual property lectures.

On the morning of April 26th, the Technology Transfer Center and the Youth League Committee organized the campus publicity activities of the World Intellectual Property Day. The school hoisted the intellectual property propaganda banner in the prominent positions on the campus. The students of the Jiangsu Normal University Student Union set up publicity sheds in the South Gate Triangle to display the World Intellectual Property Day publicity panels, distribute intellectual property manuals, publicize the knowledge of the World Intellectual Property Day among teachers and students ,introduce the patent application procedure and patent approval process, and show the patent achievements of our university in recent years.

 On the afternoon of April 26, in the conference room 1305 of Jingyuan Building, Yao Jiaoyang, , general manager of Nanjing Suke Patent Agency Co., Ltd., and Li Jing, agent of Nanjing Sugao Patent Trademark Office Office, made a report on patent application and intellectual property protection, how to improve the patent license rate of invention. Yao Jiaoyang engineer has taught the function of patent, the history of patent, the duty invention and patent retrieval. It combines the cutting-edge theory of intellectual property with practical issues, It is rich in content and popular among teachers and students. Subsequently, Li Jing engineer had an in-depth exchange with the teachers and students present on the writing of the patent and technology submission and the reply to the examination opinion. The teachers and students at the scene actively asked questions about the patent application, the writing of the claim for rights and so on. The atmosphere at the scene was very warm.

The World Intellectual Property Day series of publicity activities have received attention and welcome from teachers and students of the school. Through propaganda, teachers and students' awareness of respecting and protecting intellectual property rights has been improved, and the ability of using intellectual property system to safeguard their own rights and interests has been strengthened.