Our school launched the “4.26” World Intellectual Property Day publicity campaign


  April 26, 2018 is the eighteenth World Intellectual Property Day, the theme of which is The Motivation for Change: Women in Innovation and Creation. In order to further promote the popularization of intellectual property knowledge, enhance the ability and level of scientific and technological innovation in our school, and encourage more teachers and students to participate in innovation and creation. Our school has organized a variety of Intellectual Property day promotion activities closely surrounding the theme of this year's World Intellectual Property Day. The activities mainly include two parts: campus publicity and intellectual property lectures.

    On the morning of April 26th, the Cross Application Institute and the Youth League Committee organized a variety of publicity activities in the South Gate Triangle. The Students of the students' Union of Jiangsu normal University hoisted the intellectual property propaganda banner in the prominent position of the school and called on the students to sign their names enthusiastically; At the same time, they set up propaganda sheds, put up publicity boards for intellectual property knowledge, and carry out prize-answering activities, which greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of the students. Through the publicity activities, the students have a deeper understanding of Intellectual Property Days and patent applications.

   On the afternoon of April 26, in the conference room 1305 of Jingyuan Building, Zhang Yunchun, senior engineer of Xuzhou Science and Technology Bureau, made a report of patent application documents. Zhang Yunchun engineer made a detailed introduction to the writing of patent application documents, claims and specifications, and conscientiously answered the confusion of teachers and students about patent applications.

The World Intellectual Property Day series of publicity activities have received attention and welcome from teachers and students of the school. Through propaganda, teachers and students' awareness of respecting and protecting intellectual property rights has been improved, and the ability of using intellectual property system to safeguard their own rights and interests has been strengthened.