Our school won consecutive success in the 6th "Entrepreneurship Jiangsu" of Biomedicine Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Competition.


During July-August 2018, the 6th "Entrepreneurship Jiangsu" of Biomedicine Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Competition was successfully held in Lianyungang City. This competition was co-sponsored by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Jiangsu Provincial Talent Office, Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Finance, Jiangsu Provincial People's Office, Communist Youth League Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, Jiangsu Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, etc..

The project "Development and Application of Efficient Compound Agricultural Microbial Fungicides" selected by the "Green Source Light" team led by Professor Jihong Jiang and Professor Rongpeng Li of the Key Laboratory of Medicinal Plant Biotechnology of our school won the second prize in the local competition in Lianyungang. Advance to the finals, they won the second place in the team group with a score of 0.1 and won the title of "Excellent Team".

The 6th "Entrepreneurship Jiangsu" of Biomedicine Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Competition and the 7th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Jiangsu Division) were officially launched in May this year. They have received positive responses and enthusiastic participation from domestic and foreign entrepreneurial teams and companies, attracting thousands of teams and enterprises. After fierce competition in 13 City Local Competitions in the province, a total of 288 project provincial finals were reached, of which 44 projects (9 start-up teams, 12 start-up groups, and 23 growth groups) advanced to the finals of the biomedical industry.

The "Green Source of Light" team consists of our school teachers (Jihong Jiang, Rongpeng Li, Chuanguo Fan, Jun Xu, Tianjun Zhang, and Xiaoying Cao) and graduate students (Chen Qian, Yihui Fu, Mengke Xu, and Jingyi Wang). The team invested a lot of energy and time to prepare. After the Lianyungang local competition, it stood out in the provincial finals and eventually won the second place in the biomedical industry team.

The organizers of the competition hope to hold science and technology entrepreneurship competitions in a regular manner, promote the culture of science and technology entrepreneurship, create an atmosphere for science and technology entrepreneurship, guide wider social forces to support the innovative development of science and technology SMEs, and promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation. In the new journey of forging ahead, write a new chapter of high-quality development in Jiangsu.