Jiangsu Normal University presented a signing ceremony with Liangyungang Cheng Bing Shuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


Morning September 6th, Prof. Jihong Jiang, hosted the signing ceremony between Jiangsu Normal University and Lianyungang Cheng Bing Shuo LTD. Prof. Jihong Jiang dean of School of applied interdisciplinary research, Xinghui Wang, sectary of CPC Party committee and vice dean of School of Life Sciences, Prof. Jun Lu vice dean of School of Life Sciences, Prof. Lei Kai, Associated Prof. Ke Yue and Yiguo Li, CEO of Liangyungang Cheng Bing Shuo LTD. attended this ceremony.

Prof. Jiang first welcomed the team lead by Mr. Li and congratulated the success of signing the research project between the two sides. He expressed his agreement and appreciation of the efforts made by School of Life Sciences in transformation of science and technology and hope used this case to motivate more members to join and contribute more to the development of local economy. Prof. Lei Kai and Ke Yue briefly introduced this project of developing cell free protein synthesis platform and the motivation of this project. Sectary Wang congratulated the success of this cooperation and promised to fully support for this project. Vice dean Prof. Jun Lu said transformation of science and technology is an important part of 13th Five-year Plan and has a great influence on the application of science and technology in industry and daily life. Mr. Li gave a brief introduction about Lianyungang Cheng Bing Shuo LTD. and the development of this project. He also gave a perspective on further collaboration for the second period. Finally, Prof. Jiang made a conclusion and wished a great success of this collaborated projects.

Prof. Lei Kai and Ke Yue, signed the contract with Mr. Li CEO, with a total 2 million CNY for the first period. The success of this project was an important achievement of Jiangsu Normal University on promoting collaboration between industry and transformation of science and technology, providing a good example for the future work. School of applied interdisciplinary research will full support the industrial collaboration projects, patent application and transformation.