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    School of Electrical Engineering andAutomation possesses one national-level experimental teaching center of virtualsimulation, three provincial-level Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centers,one national-level practice and education base for off-campus students and hasgained eight projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China(NSFC). Theschool has an education cooperation with St. Petersburg State TransportationUniversity of Russia.

  School of Electrical Engineering andAutomation offers four undergraduate programs: Electrical Engineering andAutomation, Automation, Rail Transit Signal and Control, Measurement Techniquesand Instrumentation. The School, student-oriented, has attached much importanceto cultivating students’ project practical capacity, arranging academicadvisors for each undergraduate, and carried out project cultivating of scientificand technological innovation among undergraduates. It also provides guidance oncareer planning, internship and practice, graduation design (thesis) andinternational exchanges and joint cultivating activity for undergraduates. TheSchool merges professional competence identification and professionalengineering certification into the cultivating system, so that students’academic records are consistent with professional competence. In recent years,the students have achieved more than one hundred prizes in National ElectronicDevising Competition (UEDC), the National Robotics Competition, NationalUndergraduate Intelligence Car Competition and some other academic competitionsabove the provincial levels.

ElectricalEngineering and Automation

  The program aims to cultivate studentswith solid foundation of natural science, experimental skills and related basicknowledge of electrical engineering. It prepares them to be top talents,talents with practical ability of advanced engineering and internationaltalents that are qualified for engineering design, scientific experiment,research and development, technology management in the field of electricalengineering technology.

  In terms of faculty, there are morethan 30 professional teachers, among which 22 have senior titles, 3 areexternal enterprise senior engineers and professors. 61% teachers are PhDholders.

  We aim to cultivate students with asystem of professional knowledge, and the natural science, professional theoryas well as professional skills necessary to this program. Students are trainedin electrical control technology, power system operation and analysis, securityprotection and integrated automation, etc., to possess basic ability ofcomprehensive systems concepts and ability in analyzing and dealing withproblems in electrical engineering technology and control problems. Studentswill be down-to-earth and have pioneering consciousness, engineering practicalability of design and development, engineering application and technologicalinnovation, etc.

  We mainly cultivate three kinds oftalents: the top-notch innovative type, the comprehensive and practical typeand the internationalized type. That is, some of the students participate inthe postgraduate examination; some of the students are employed in powersystems, large state-owned enterprises and advanced professional units, whilethe rest students continue their studies abroad.


  This program is set to cultivate thetalents of wide caliber, high quality and compound skills in automationengineering. Students will be qualified for engineering design, technologydevelopment, system operation management and maintenance, business managementand decision-making, scientific research and experiment in the areas of motioncontrol, process control, manufacturing systems automation, autoinstrumentation and equipment, robot control, intelligent control systems,intelligent transportation, intelligent building, Internet of things (IoT),etc.

  In terms of faculty, we have more than30 professional teachers, 4 enterprise part-time teachers, among which, 24teachers have senior titles, 62% teachers are PhD holders.

  We mainly cultivate three kinds oftalents: the top-notch innovative type, the comprehensive and practical typeand the internationalized type. The students will be cultivated with asystematic knowledge of automatic control theory, knowledge of naturalsciences, professional basic theory and professional skills necessary to theprogram. They will accept basic cultivation in the areas of automatic controltechnology, system operation and analysis, system design and integration,security and protection and integrated automation, etc. The School will equipthem with the ability of comprehensive system concept and analyzing, solvingautomation engineering technology and controlling problems; and a pragmaticlearning style, a strong sense of pioneering and an ability of designdevelopment, engineering application, technological innovation andstrong job adaptability as well as the ability of organization andmanagement.

  After graduation, some of the studentsparticipate in the postgraduate examination, some of the students are employedin well-known enterprises and the rest students continue their studies abroad.

RailTransit Signal and Control

  This program has been set to cultivatestudents with a solid mathematical foundation and experimental skills, andbasic theory and knowledge of signal and control. Students, equipped withinnovative and self-development capabilities, will be cultivated to beexcellent compound polytechnic talents engaged in technology development,application research, engineering design, project construction, equipmentmaintenance and project management, etc., in the fields of informationtechnology and rail transit technology. They can also continue studies in this programor other related programs, study for master or doctoral degree, or go furtherstudy abroad.

  We have more than 20 professionalteachers and several part-time professors, among which, 12 teachers have seniortitles, and 68% teachers have doctoral degree.

  We will equip students with relatedknowledge and computing abilities of mathematics, natural sciences andeconomics, and signaling and controlling knowledge. Students know aboutdevelopment status and tendency in all directions of rail signaling andcontrol, mastering the basic theory of rail transit signal and control, andhaving basic ability of analyzing and solving problem of railway signalingsystems. Students will be cultivated with the basic ability to design andimplement engineering. While mastering the structure principle and usage ofrail transit signal and control as well as technology-related equipment,students are qualified for engineering application and technology development.

  We have signed a cooperation agreementwith Shanghai Railway Bureau and deliver large quantities of outstandingtalents to it every year. After graduation, some of the students continue theirstudies in domestic postgraduate universities; some students are employed inrailway bureau and subway corporations, and other students further their studiesabroad.

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