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  School of Foreign Studies was officiallyinaugurated in 1960, one of the oldest school in the university. Recently, theschool has published 50 books including monographs, textbooks, and dictionariesand over 400 research papers. The school has undertaken 5 projects supported bythe National Social Science Foundation and gained over 10 awards at thenational level or provincial level for its achievement made in educational andresearch projects.

  There are 160 full-time faculties in theschool, including 50 professors and associate professors. Among them, over 30 havea doctoral degree or will have doctor degrees. Every year, the department willhire more than 10 foreign teachers from England, Japan, and Russia, Spanish or othernations.

  The school provides several graduateprograms of Foreign Language and Literature, English Language and Literature,Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Curriculum and Instruction(English), Japanese Language and Literature, English translation andinterpretation, Education (English subjects). It includes department ofEnglish, Business English, translation, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and collegeforeign language, Foreign Languages Institute, Indian Literature and Culture ResearchCenter and the Ibero-American international research centers and otherinstitutions. At present, there are several undergraduate programs including English,Business English, and translation, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and other disciplines.

  The school has a modern teaching building of8,000 square meters, equipped with advanced language laboratory, multimediateaching equipment, computer networks classrooms, satellite ground receivingequipment and foreign language teaching radio stations. It also possesses largenumber of foreign language books and audio-visual materials, providing teachersand students a good condition for learning and working.

  The school has cooperated with many foreignuniversities, such as Digen University College of Australia, southwest TefoCollege, Hokuriku University of Japan, USA Monterey Institute of InternationalStudies, Central Lancashire university of United Kingdom, Manchester Universityof UK, Russia Maxim Gorky Literature Institute, and Belarus University of Gomeletc.


  The program is prominent in JiangsuProvince; the main training objective was to cultivate excellent Englishteachers with solid English language foundation, strong English languageproficiency, widely knowing the well-known Western Humanity and society forbetter working in primary and secondary schools for teaching English, ormanagement and research work. Through extensive exchanges and cooperation withforeign culture, the school wishes to train English teachers with a globalvision of education and intercultural communication competence. The school hasa faculty with high title, high education, rich teaching and researchexperiences at reasonable age structure, and also they have internationalvision, at the same time the school hires experienced foreign experts.

  The program adopts small classes forteaching and paid much more attention on the students’ comprehensive abilityincluding the basic knowledge, professional ability and practical ability. The Collegeactively builds academic and cultural relations with foreign colleges anduniversities and academic institutions, strives to implement internationaluniversities joint training programs to promote personnel training andscientific research, to achieve diversification and internationalization ofEnglish Teacher Education.


  The program prepares students with solidknowledge and skills in English, especially the theory and knowledge for theinternational business, cross-cultural exchange communication. The students areexpected to have a global vision for the economic needs in globalization.

  Full-time faculties are mostly highlyeducated with senior titles, and have studied in prestigious universitiesUnited States, Britain, Canada and other countries, and practical businessexperience experts are also been hired to teach. Main courses textbook areintroduced from original English textbooks internationally applied.


  The program provides students with forefronttranslation theory, English and Chinese language knowledge, translationpractice, cultural knowledge, research and other work.

  Full-time faculties for this program arevery professional. They have hosted many conferences at home and abroad for internationalcooperation and exchange.

  This program provides students with basictheory, knowledge and skills of Chinese and foreign language and translation.It also provides students with cross-cultural communication skills and interpretationand translation capabilities, frontier translation theories. Students are alsoexpected to be capable of practical ability and certain scientific researchability.


  The program intended to prepare studentsfor oral communication, reading, writing, and translating in Japanese, andeventually shape the students into applied talent for foreign trade, culturalexchanges, journalism, publishing, Japanese teaching.

  Full-time faculties in this program allhave a doctoral degree or master degree, and there are many foreign teachers fromJapan engaged in teaching activities all year around.

  The program provides students with a goodpreparation for basic theory, knowledge and practical skill in Japaneselanguage. It also enables the students to participate in extracurricular andprofessional related activities (such as concerning foreign affair activitiesand education training). Students' self-learning ability, comprehensivelanguage using ability, organizational skills, interpersonal skills, thinkingability and creativity can also be trained through the program.

  The department also has established along-term relationship with Hokuriku University. It provides opportunities forstudents to study abroad. Furthermore, activities like summer camps, wintercamps, and etc. are provided for students to Japan to learn Japanese language.


  This program offers opportunities forstudents to master basic Russian language knowledge and all-round languageskills. Students are expected to be capable of strong learning ability,practical ability and innovative awareness. It also prepares students to engagein foreign trade, tourism, culture, international cultural exchanges and othersector.

  Of the faculty for this program, there aremany experts at home and from Russia. Students are expected to master theskills of listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating. They are alsoexpected to have a good knowledge of history, politics, culture and economicsof the Russian speaking countries etc. The program also provides the studentswith courses like practical writing courses, foreign trade, traveling Russian,translation and interpretation courses. All these courses are oriented for abetter future job.

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