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Jiangsu Normal University is located in Xuzhou, a famous historical and cultural city. It is the most comprehensive, biggest, strongest provincial university with the longest history in Northern Jiangsu Province. Previously as the Computer Science and Technology College, the School of Intellectual Education dates back to 1996. It is located on JSNU Quanshan Campus with elegant environment and beautiful scenery. In January 2016, according to the deployment of the “JSNU Comprehensive Reform Plan”, School of Intelligent Education was founded.

At the present, the school offers 3 graduate programs of Management Science & Engineering,  Educational Technology and Software Engineering, and 3 undergraduate programs of Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering and Educational Technology. There are four province-level centers: Experimental Teaching Center of Jiangsu, Practical Education Center of Jiangsu, Engineering Technology Research Center of Jiangsu ((Educational Informatization) and Intelligent Education Research Center (Jiangsu University Key Base). There are three research centers: Education Perception and Intelligence Research Center, Intelligent Education Engineering Center, Computer Science Experiment and Practical Teaching Demonstration Center. The school is working together with the Institute of Educational Science (Teacher and Education College) to build a provincially advantageous pedagogy discipline. At the present, Education Technology is a national feature major, a Jiangsu Province brand major, a Jiangsu Province key major, and a Jiangsu Province core major. Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering are Jiangsu Province construction major of “Education and training Project for Outstanding Engineers”.  

There are 87 full-time graduate students, 936 undergraduate students and 42 foreign students. The number of our faculty and staff totals 99, including 75 full-time teachers, with 7 professors, 26 associate professors and 25 master supervisors. Among the faculty, 34 have doctoral degrees, one is the third level candidate of the 5th phase of Jiangsu 333 Project, and three are core teachers of Jiangsu Qinglan Project.

In recent years, over 110 projects have been finished by our teachers, including 16 national projects and 39 ministerial-provincial projects, with a total research fund of over ¥9,000,000. More than 500 papers have been published on academic journals, including more than 280 collected by SCI, EI and CSSCI and 14 academic works released. 21 national, provincial and ministerial awards are won and 10 software copyrights, 22 national patents achieved. The School has also won one national fine course, one national fine resource sharing course, two provincial fine quality courses, four provincial second-prizes of teaching achievements, and more than 20 textbooks edited.

With our good conditions and solid discipline construction, strict administration and comprehensive quality education our teaching quality has been improving steadily year by year and we have formed distinct characteristic in talent cultivation. In recent 5 years, the average employment rate of graduates has amounted over 98%. More than 80 prizes in competitions and contests at national-level and ministerial level have been achieved. Over 20 students have hosted various national and Provincial College students’ innovation projects and entrepreneurship training programs. The school attaches great importance to the development of students’ ability and entrepreneurship. In recent years, 26 employment practice bases have been signed, mainly in Beijing, Shanghai and Jiangsu.