Professor Zhou Lianquan


Prof. Zhou, master supervisor of School of Mechatronic Engineering, JSNU, is mainly engaged in the study of hydraulic intelligent servo and proportional control, hydraulic efficiency technology and computer testing and control technology. By far, he has published over 30 papers on academic journals and been authorized 14 patents. Zhou has also hosted 3 Naval Armament DepartmentScience & Technology Projects and 3 provincial or ministerial project.

Research Interests

Hydraulic Intelligent Servo and Proportional Control

Hydraulic Efficiency Technology

Computer Testing and Control Technology

Educational Background

PhD. School of Mechanical Engineering, Xi’ an Jiaotong University. 2000

MA. Institute of Mine Ground Pressure, Shandong Institute of Mining and Technology. 1989

BA. Department of Mechanics, Shandong Institute of Mining and Technology. 1985

Research Projects in Recent Years

1. Jiangsu University Science Research Achievement Industrialization Promotion Project (No. JHB2011-35, ¥270,000): Hydraulic Support Valve Automatic Testing Table. 2011-2013

2. Naval Armament DepartmentScience & Technology Project (No. HZ051307, ¥350,000): The Development of the Integrated Parameter Detector for Submarine Thunder Launcher. 2005-2006

3. Naval Armament DepartmentScience & Technology Project (No. HZ031312, ¥540,000): The Development of Submarine Torpedo Equivalent Simulator. 2003-2005

4. Naval Armament DepartmentScience & Technology Project (No. HZ011303, ¥910,000): The Development of a Gun Control Protection Device. 2001-2003

5. Naval Armament DepartmentScience & Technology Project (No. HZ991305, ¥1,280,000): The Development of the Integrated Testing Center for Hydraulic Components. 1999-2001

Selected Publications

1. Zhou Lianquan, Shi Hao, Zhang Chenchen, Bo Xiaonan, Yang Shuo, Liu Lin. (2017). Development of automatic loading /unloading mechanism and hydrauliccontrol system for testing three-use valves of hydraulic single prop. Chinese Hydraulics & Pneumatics. (7): 86-89.

2. Shi Hao, Zhou Lianquan, Bo Xiaonan, Zhang Chenchen, Yang Shuo, Liu Lin. (2017). Measurement and control system for testing three-usevalve of hydraulic single prop. Chinese Hydraulics & Pneumatics, (6): 88-92.

3. Zhang Chenchen, Zhou Lianquan, Shi Hao, Bo Xiaonan, Yang Shuo, Liu Lin. (2017). Development on the automatic pressure regulating device for testing the three-use valves of hydraulic single prop.Chinese Hydraulics & Pneumatics, (2): 113-117.

4. Zhou Lianquan, Chen Siyao, Bao Lei. (2014). Development of test bench for hydraulic multiple directional valve of crane. Machine Tool& Hydraulics, 42(14): 79-82, 85.

5. Bao Lei, Zhou Lianquan, Shi Hao. (2014). Research on power tecovery test automatic measurement and controlsystem for hydraulic pumps of xxcavator. Coal Mine Machinery, 42(14):79-82, 85.

6. W. Y. Liu, L. Q. Zhou*, N. N. Hu, etc. (2016). A novel integral extension LMD method based on integral local waveform matching. Neural Computing and Applications, 27(3): 761-768.

7. Zhou Lianquan, Da Yanyan, Chen Siyao. (2013). Lifting hydraulic cylinder synchronization control system for loadmoving beam of powered support test bench.Chinese Hydraulics & Pneumatics, 44(12): 120-123.

8. Zhou Lianquan, Bao Lei, Shi Hao, Cheng Yuan. (2016). Analysis and implementation of load efficiency test method for hydraulic cylider. Machine Tool & Hydraulics, 44 (14):88-90.

9. Zhou Lianquan, Lu Hongyu, Da Yanyan. (2013). Development of the computer automatic control hydraulic integrated experiment table. Hydraulics Pneumatics & Seals, (07):22-25.

10. Zhou Lianquan. (2012). Automatic measurement and control test bench forpneumatic components of petroleum drilling and production equipment. Hydraulics Pneumatics & Seals, (12):32-35.

11. Chen Siyao, Zhou Lianquan, Zhong Zhaoming. (2016). Study on hydraulic control system of broken beltcatcher of belt conveyor based on AMESim. Machine Tool& Hydraulics, 44(04): 56-58.

12. Bao Lei,ZHOU Lian-quan. (2015). Research based on AMESim on dynamic performance of hydraulic system for hydraulic support legs Test-bed. Chinese Hydraulics & Pneumatics, 17(2): 70-73.

13. Bao Lei. Zhou Lianquan, Shi Hao, Cheng Yuan. (2015). Research on automatic measurement and control system of the hydraulic cylinder test-bed. Machine Tool & Hydraulics, 43(20): 107-109.


1. Zhou Lianquan(Co-edit). (2014). Hydraulic Pressure Transmission and Control. Beijing:China Machine Press.

2. Zhou Lianquan(Co-edit). (2008).MATLAB/Simulink and Lectromechanical Control System Simulation. Beijing: National Defense Industry Press.

Honors and Awards

1. 3rd University Self-made Experimental Teaching Equipment Outstanding Work Prize (JKYST-6/9 Type Computer Automatic Control Hydraulic Test Bench). 2014

2. Third Prize, Military Science & Technology Progress (Torpedo Equivalent Simulator). 2006

Contact Information


Tel: 13685106229