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School of Mechatronic Engineering was establish on the base of Engineering College (School of Technology Education). It is a new schoolfull of vigor and makes progress in the reform and development of Jiangsu Normal University.

This school offers graduate three programs ofMechanical Engineering, Design Science and Artistic Design and five undergraduate programs of Mechanical Design, Manufacture &Automation, Vehicle Engineering, Mechanical Design, Manufacture &Automation (teacher training), Mechanical Design, Manufacture &Automation (Port Machinery) and Industrial Design.

At present the school has 800 graduate and undergraduate students. The number of our faculty and staff totals 57, including 49 full-time teachers, 9 professors and 22 associate professors. There are 25 doctoral and master supervisors, 2 first batch of young and mid-aged science & technology leaders of Jiangsu 333 Talent Project, 2 candidates of Jiangsu 333 Project, 4 academic leaders of Jiangsu Innovative Project.

There are five experimental centers: Mechanical Design Center, Mechatronics Engineering Center, Machinery Manufacturing Center, Digital Manufacturing Center and Industrial Design Center. We also have ten off-campus teaching & internship bases. The laboratory area totals 7,000 square meters and the number of various equipment totals 860, costing ¥ 41,500,000.

In recent years, the faculty members have completed more than 120 scientific research projects, 6 of them at nation-level, 48 provincial.The research fund totals 800 million yuan. And more than 300 papers have been published in academic journals at different levels. 10 monographs were published.The teachers had got 4 provincial second prizesfor their teaching achievements.

Since the establishment of the school, special attention has been attached to talent cultivation, renewing education ideas and promoting teaching reforms. By far, we have fostered over 3,000 undergraduate students and more than 20 graduate students. Among them, over 200 students have been enrolled by Tsinghua University, Southeast University, Soochow University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and other famous universities.

In addition, we have co-established internship bases with many large companies and agencies, including Shanghai Railway Bureau, Little Swan Group Co, Ltd, Suzhou Universal Group Chain Transmission Co, Ltd and other modern companies. The employment rate stays over 99% for many years.

The school sticks to right direction of school-running. In the following years, efforts will be made to improvethe teachingconditions and qualities for for students.