Professor Xing Bangsheng


Prof. Xing, master supervisor of School of Mechatronic Engineering, JSNU, is an academic leader of Jiangsu Innovation Project. He is also awarded Jiangsu High-level Talents, Xuzhou Outstanding Teacher and Model of Teachers’ Ethics in Xuzhou. Xing is mainly engaged in the teaching and research of mechanic design and manufacturing. By far, he has published over 60 papers on academic journals and 3 works, edited 10 textbooks and hosted over 20 projects at provincial or national level.

Research Interests

Engineering Graphics

Optimized Design

AMT (advanced manufacturing technology)

Educational Background

PhD. School of Mechatronic Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology, 2009

MA. Department of Mechanical Engineering, Southeast University, 2002

BA. Department of Mechatronic Engineering, Anhui University of Science and Technology, 1984

Research Projects in recent years

1. Jiangsu “13th Five-Year” Plan Key Discipline (Mechatronic Engineering) (¥1,500,000). 2016-2020

2. Central financial support for local universities reform and development project (¥3,000,000): Center of Flexible Manufacturing Technology, FMT. 2017-2018

3. National Virtual Simulative Experimental Teaching Center Project (¥3,600,000), 2015-2016

4. Jiangsu Six Talent Peaks Project (¥60,000). 2012-2015

5. Xuzhou Science & Technology Program Project (No. KC16SG243, ¥50,000): RBFNN-based Prediction of Mechanical properties of aluminum profile. 2016-2018

6. Xuzhou Science & Technology Program Project (No. XM13B108, ¥50,000): BPNN-based Optimization of cold rolling process of screw steel and its performance. 2013-2015

Selected Publications

1. Xing Bangsheng, Xu Le. (2016). Feature extraction of rollingbearing based on LMD energy feature. Applied Mechanics and Materials, 868: 363-368.

2. Xu Le, Xing Bangsheng, Lang Chaonan, Gao Qinwu. (2017). Fault diagnosis of rolling bearing combined LMD energy entropy and SVM. Mechanical Science and Technology for Aerospace Engineering, 36(6): 915-918.

3. Xing Bangsheng. (2015) Research on intelligent prediction for mechanical performance of cold rolled ribbed steel bars and optimization of technological parameters. Advance in Engineering Study, 27: 1242-1245.

4. Li Wei, Xing Bang-sheng. (2014). Tool fault diagnosis based on multiple classifier fusion. Coal Mine Machinery, 35(2): 225-227.

5. Xing Bangsheng, Du Changlong. (2013). Process optimization of the cold-rolled ribbed steel using GA and RBF neural network. International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, 47: 222-229.


Xing Bangsheng. (2004).Computer Aided Mechanical Graphic Design. Beijing: China Coal Industry Publishing House.

Xing Bangsheng. (2015).Research on IntelligentPrediction for Mechanical Performance of Cold Rolled Ribbed Steel Bars and Optimization of Technological Parameters. Xuzhou: China University of Mining and Technology Doctoral Dissertation.

Honors and Awards

1. Xuzhou Outstanding Young Teacher. 1994

2. Xuzhou Outstanding Educator. 1998

3. Jiangsu Outstanding Course (Descriptive Geometry & Mechanical Graphing, ranked No. 1), 2002

4. Model of Teachers’ Ethicsin Xuzhou. 2003

5. Jiangsu Excellent Course (Descriptive Geometry & Mechanical Graphing, ranked No. 1). 2004

6. National Excellent Course (Descriptive Geometry & Mechanical Graphing, ranked No. 1). 2005

7. Second Prize, Jiangsu Higher Education Teaching Achievements. 2005

8. Jiangsu Excellent Teaching Material (Mechanical Drawing and Computer Aided Drawing, ranked No. 1). 2005

9. Jiangsu Excellent Course (Descriptive Geometry & Mechanical Graphing, ranked No. 1). 2008

10. Second Prize, Xuzhou Science & Technology Progress Award. 2012

11. Second Prize, 3rd Huaihai Science & Technology Award. 2012

12. Second Prize, Jiangsu Higher Education Teaching Achievements. 2013

13. Second Prize, 4th Huaihai Science & Technology Award. 2014

14. Jiangsu Key Teaching Material (Computer Graphics, ranked No. 1). 2015

15. National Excellent Resource Sharing Class (Descriptive Geometry & Mechanical Graphing, ranked No. 1). 2016

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