Professor Han Jiguang


Prof. Han is mainly engaged in research on Mechanical Drive and CAD. Han obtained financial aid from National Natural Science Foundation of China in 2007. He also hosted a National Natural Science Foundation of China project and two Provincial Natural Science Foundation projects. By far, Han has published over 100 papers on academic journals and won Provincial Science and Technology Award (2nd Prize once and 3rd Prize twice).

Research Interests

Mechanical Drive and CAD

Educational Background

PhD. School of Mechatronics Engineering, HIT, 1995

MA. School of Mechatronics Engineering, Harbin Engineering University, 1985

BA. School of Mechatronics Engineering, Harbin Engineering University, 1979

Research Projects in Recent Years

1. National Natural Science Fund Project (No. 51075347, ¥140,000): Research on contact ratio of eccentric involutes gears.2007-2010

2. Jiangsu Natural Science Fund Project (No. BK2004027, ¥70,000): Dynamic Balancing of Tooling System in High Speed Machining and Applied Basic Study. 2004-2007

Selected Publications

1. Han Jiguang. (2017). Synthesis of the slider elliptic crank mechanism with approximateuniform motion. Journal of Machine Design. 34(2): 68-72.

2. Han Jiguang. (2015). Research on contact ratio of eccentric involutes gears. Journal of Machine Design. 32(12):18-21.

3. Yu Kang, Han Jiguang. (2015). Yu Kang Design of measuring tool for the pitch of chain plate. Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Advanced Engineering Materials and Technology Advances in Engineering Research, 38:806-810.

4. Zhou Hongying, Han Jiguang. (2015). Synthesis of internal geneva combined mechanism with uniform speed. Journal of Mechanical Transmission, 39(11):59-62.

5. Hou Yujie, Han Jiguang, Shao Minghui, Jiang Jiuliang, Chen Siyao. (2015). Research of the dynamics of varying coefficient shift modification gear based on ADAMS. Journal of Mechanical Transmission, 39(10):16-18, 55.

6. Han Jiguang. (2015). Analysis and synthesis of geneva mechanism with elliptic crank.International Journal of Hybrid Information Technology, Vol.8, No.8: 253-260.

7. Han Jiguang. (2014). Slider crank mechanism design with time ratio and minimum transmission angle. International Journal of Control and Automation, Vol. 7, No. 11: 163-170.

8. Han Jguang,Zhang Chuanyan. (2014). Analysis and synthesis of the in-line slider-elliptic crank dwell mechanism.International Journal of Control and Automation. Vol.7, No.10: 233-242.

9. Zhang Chuanyan,Han Jiguang. (2013) Establishment of tooth profile curve mathematical model of varying-coefficient-shift- modification gears. 20134516945704, 2nd International Conference on Advances in Mechanics Engineering, ICAME 2013,Applied Mechanics and Materials, 391: 172-177.


Han Jiguang. (2001).Dynamics Optimization Design of Closed Epicyclic Gear Trains. Harbin: Harbin Institute of Technology Press.

Honors and Awards

Young and Mid-aged Academic Leader, Jiangsu 333 Talent Project. 2007

Second Prize, Jiangsu Excellent Multimedia Courseware. 2004

Second Prize, Heilongjiang Science & Technology Progress Award. 2002

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