Professor Guo Yonghuan


Prof. Guo is an academic leader of Advanced Processing Technologies and Theories of Materials. She is a member of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society and China Creative Studies Institute, an assessment expert of Xuzhou Science & Technology Progress Award, Xuzhou Science & Technology Projects, Xuzhou Mayor Award and Jiangsu Enterprises Bidding Evaluation. She is engaged in research and development on newwelding material and welding quality control.

Research Interests

Research and Development on NewWelding Material

Welding Quality Control

Educational Background

MA, School of Mechatronic Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology, 2005;

BA, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Jiamusi University, 1984;

Research Projects in Recent Years

1. Jiangsu Industry-university-research ProspectiveCooperation Project (No. BY2016028-02, ¥150,000):Ilmenite ElectrodeWelding Rod with Rare Earth element and Performance Prediction of Stainless Steel Welding StickDevelopment. 2016-2018

2. Xuzhou Science & Technology Project (No. KC15SM031, ¥70,000): The Influence of Gd/CeO2 to Stainless Steel Welding LineMechanical Property and Research on New Welding Stick. 2015-2017

3. Xuzhou Science & Technology Project (No. XC12A013, ¥100,000): Performance Prediction of Welding Rod with Rare Earth Element Based on Fuzzy Neural Network. 2011-2014

Selected Publications

1. Guo Yonghuan, Fan Xiying*, Zhang Liang, Fan Hui, Xu Yijun. (2015). Determination of La/CeO2 content in ilmenite electrode coating.Rare Metals, 34(7): 505-509.

2. Guo Yonghuan, Fan Xiying, Liu Haikuan, Zhang Liang, Xu Yijun, Li Shuncai. (2014) Influence of La /CeO2 on structure and mechanical properties of deposited metal. Chinese Rare Earths, 35(6): 39-44.

3. Guo Yonghuan, Zhu Yubin, Fan Xiying, Zhang Liang, Fan Hui. (2015). Research status analysis on the method of forecasting mechanical properties of deposited metal containing rare earth elements. Chinese Rare Earths, 36(6): 123-128.

4. Fan Xiying, Guo Yonghuan*, Zhang Liang, Fan Hui, Yang Li. (2013). Effects of La/Y on S/P in carbon steel electrode deposited metal. China Welding, 22 (4): 63-67.

5. Fan Xiying, Guo Yonghuan, Zhang Liang, Li Shuncai, Xu Yijun. (2013). Influence of La /CeO2 on tensile fracture morphology and mechanicalproperties of deposited metal.Chinese Journal of Rare Metals. 37(6):883-888.

Honors and Awards

1. Third Prize, Excellent Graduate Design of Undergraduates, Jiangsu (supervisor). 2009

2. Excellent Teaching Material, Jiangsu (Engineering Training 2nd Ed). 2011

3. Key Teaching Material, Jiangsu(Engineering Training 3rd Ed). 2015

4. Advanced Individual of Teacher’s Ethics, Xuzhou. 2016

Contact Information

Tel: 13815315716