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JSNU Business School is one of the largest schools in the university. It used to be the advertising department approved by Jiangsu Education Committee in 1992. In 2013, the university re-established Business School according to the development demands.

At present, we have formed a coordinated development pattern. We offer 8 undergraduate programs: Economics, International Economy and Trade (Distinctive Major of JSNU), Financial Engineering, Trade Economics, Financial Management (Provincial-level Distinctive Major), Accountancy, Marketing and Logistics Management. We provide two master programs in the first-level discipline (Applied Economics, Management Science and Engineering) and one master program in the second-level discipline (Political Economics). Furthermore, a Business Virtual Simulation Training Center has been established in this school.

With the aim of developing high-quality economic and management talents, we have been constantly sticking to the employment-oriented educational reform. The number of graduate and undergraduate students totals more than 1800. On the aspect of graduate students’ cultivation, over 10 Jiangsu and JSNU innovation projects have been finished by our students. They have published 24 academic papers. Five of them won national scholarship. On the aspect of undergraduate students, they won first prize in Jiangsu 9th University Students’ Career Planning Competition; one second prize and four third prizes in the 5th National College Student “Innovation, Originality and Entrepreneurship” Challenge (Jiangsu Area). Graduates from this school have been welcomed by society and companies with over 97% employment rate.

We carried out the strategy of strengthening our school with talents and made great progress in the construction of teaching staff. Now, this school has 94 faculty and staff members (81 full-time teachers) including 2 doctoral supervisors, 24 master supervisors, 11 professors (one Changjiang Scholarship Professor), 27 associate professors. 36 teachers have got PhD degrees and the other 12 are PhD candidates. One teacher is selected as a candidate of the Youth Backbone Teacher in the “Qing-Lan” Project of Jiangsu Province. 31 were JSNU Advanced Workers. Besides, we have 5 guest professors from governmental departments and companies.

This school also pays much attention to discipline construction and scientific research. There are Research Center for Economic Cooperation and Development, Research Institute of Modern Logistics, Huaihai Agriculture E-business Center, Research Center for AFR (agriculture, farmer and rural area) Issues of Northern Jiangsu and other research institutes. We have successfully undertaken the International Conference on the Spatial Economy and undertook 5 projects of Natural Science Foundation of China, 9 projects of National Social Science Foundation and over 20 ministerial and provincial-level projects. More than 20 academic works have been published in authoritative presses and more than 100 academic papers have been published in the core academic journals.

“When you hoist the sails to cross the sea, you'll ride the wind and cleave the waves”. Under the support of JSNU Committee and Administration, Business School will keep emancipating our mind and comprehensively deepening reform to build our school into a famous teaching-and-research oriented one with its distinctive characteristics--rigorous teaching style, rich academic atmosphere and outstanding research results.