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A brief history

Business School is one of the largest colleges in Jiangsu Normal University (JSNU). The predecessor of the school was advertising department of Xuzhou Normal University approved by Jiangsu Education Committee in 1992. In the past, with adjustment of majors in numbers and types, it has been renamed as business administration department and economic management department in order. With approval of JSNU, business school of Xuzhou normal university was established in April 2002. In July 2005, due to changes of professional structure about university, business school was withdrawn and instead of which economics school and management school were established. In April 2013, JSNU reorganized business school according to the needs of future development.

Recently, business school has basically formed a pattern of coordinated development of multiple disciplines. It contains 7 undergraduate academic disciplines including Economics, International Economy and Trade, Financial Engineering, Financial Management, Accounting, Marketing, and Logistics Management. 3 first-level graduate degree programs are contained which are Applied Economics, Management Science and Engineering, Business Management. Meanwhile, 5 second-level graduate degree programs are included which are Finance, Regional Economics, International Trade, National Economics, and Industry Economics. Moreover, business school also contains 1 professional graduate degree of Accounting and 1 educational graduate degree in vocational teacher’s direction. Among those majors, Financial Management is a provincially famous major. International Economics and Trade is a prestigious discipline in JSNU. And Accounting is a core major of the professional group with university-based advantage. Moreover, the simulation training center of the integrated business is a provincial-level and comprehensive training center.

With the aim of developing high-quality economic and management talents, we have been constantly sticking to the employment-oriented educational reform. According to the social demands, the school promotes education teaching reform, improves the quality of personnel abilities, and provides more opportunities for students.

Educational and research programs of the school

There are over 1600 students in school, which contains more than 60 foreign students from over 40 countries. On the aspect of graduate students’ cultivation, over 20 Jiangsu and JSNU innovation projects have been finished by our graduates. They also have published more than 50 journal papers, and won 8 national scholarships. Undergraduates have achieved over 25 college students' innovative training program at or above provincial level. For example, China College Students ‘Entrepreneurship’ Competition’s second prize and first prize in the Ninth session of Jiangsu College students' Career Planning Competition. In the Seventh session of National College Students' Electronics Business "Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship" Competition of Jiangsu province, our students got 2 special awards, 2 second awards, 1 best creative award and 1 best organization award. As graduates from our school obtained great ideological cultivation and high professional quality, they are extremely welcomed by the society and employers from different kinds of enterprises. The employment rate at the end of last year was higher than 97%.

The strategy of our school is talent-based development Strategy which means strengthening school with talents. Moreover, the construction of teaching staff has achieved remarkable results. Now, business school has 97 employees (83 full-time faculty members) and includes 2 doctoral tutors, 24 master tutors and 12 professors (one’s academic status same as Changjiang distinguished professor), 34 associate professors, 42 doctors and 12 PhD candidates. Two professors have been selected as candidates in "Qing-Lan Project" of Jiangsu province. One professor has been chosen to be high-level training talents of ‘333’ project in Jiangsu province. More than 40 people have been honored as “Outstanding Individual”, “Three Aspects of Education advanced individual" and "meritorious advanced individual" of JSNU. We also have 5 guest professors from enterprises and government departments.

Our school attaches great importance to discipline construction and scientific research work. There are several research institutes including Economic Cooperation and Development Research Center and Research Institute of Modern Logistics, Huaihai Agricultural E-commerce Research Center, and North Jiangsu Agriculture Research Center. Business school has successfully undertaken the "International Conference on the Spatial Economy" and "the 25th annual conference of Chinese Foreign Economic Theory Research Association" for many times. Business school also undertook 7 national natural science foundation projects, 17 national social science fund projects successfully, and over 20 ministerial and provincial-level projects, the national development and reform commission, and scientific research fund project in Jiangsu province. Moreover, more than 30 academic works have been published in authoritative presses and more than 160 academic papers have been published in core Chinese journals and CSSCI journals. Over 20 provincial level awards were achieved during those years as well.