Undergraduate Programs

International Economics and Trade


Bachelor of Economics (B.Ec.)

Normal Period of Study

4 years


For four-academic-year (Fall and Spring Semesters) study, students can learn theories on international economics and international commercial practices. Students can be familiar with current international trade practices and rules and learn about the development of world economy and trade policy of major countries. Besides, students are versatile in foreign trade, management, market research and promotion planning. In other words, students are apt to work in foreign trade units, foreign firms and government departments. Generally speaking, students will excel in the aspects of innovation and application.


Participants mainly learn basic theories and knowledge on international economics. They will receive some trainings on international trade, international investment and economic cooperation. They will improve the abilities in working at international business.

Graduates are required to acquire:

1. theories on international economics and trade;

2. skills to operate in the field of international trade;

3. policy and laws on foreign trade of some major countries;

4. academic frontier knowledge on international economics and trade;

5. skills of high English proficiency and computer operation.

Core Courses

Principles of Economic, Principles of Management, International Economics, International Trade Practice,International Business Law, International Settlements.

Components of the 4-year Curriculum



1.Specialized   Courses


2.Discipline   Education Courses


3.Gerneral   Education Courses


4.Practice   Courses

28   credits

5.   Innovative Research Courses

4   credits